Brecknock Hall 4th Annual Veteran’s Day Wedding Giveback

For the past four years I have had the honor of participating in this wonderful event at Brecknock Hall and I am happy to announce that this year’s wedding has been featured on Style Me Pretty!    Visit SMP’s blog to have a look and read more! Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.28.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.49.10 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.49.28 PM

Catering: Creative Courses Catering | Flowers: Ivy League Flowers | Flowers: Blooms By Design | Flowers:Kim Jon Designs | Flowers: Joanna L. Rallis Artisan Floral Design | Cake: Merry’s Cakes | Catering: Alure Chowder House & Oysteria | Catering: Front Street Station | Catering: Southold Fish Market | Catering:Grace & Grit Catering | Catering: Christopher Michael Catering | Catering: Sterlington Deli | Makeup:Allison Pressler Professional Skin Care | Favors: Dessert By Debbie | Officiant: Lasting Footprints, Reverend Sarah Margaret | Advertising & Publicity: Times Review Newspapers | Advertising & Publicity:North Fork/South Fork Weddings | Beer: Greenport Harbor Brewing Company | Hair Design: Fire Monkey Hair Design | Hair Design/Makeup: East End Expressions | Hair Styling & Makeup: Anna’s Salon | Lodging: Heron Harbor Suites | Miscellaneous: BodySmart Studio | Miscellaneous: Diane Legge | Music: MVP DJ | Tents & Rentals: American Tent Company | Tents & Rentals: McBurnie Tents | Venue: Brecknock Hall | Wine: Macari Vineyards


Shelter Island Wedding at The Ram’s Head Inn

Aly & Jason091314_1106Pull up a chair, cozy up with your morning cup of coffee, and bring a box of tissues for this one!  What I loved most about Aly and Jason’s day was how truly natural every single moment was, and how wonderfully affectionate everybody was.  As movie fanatics, Aly and Jason certainly know how to set the stage for a brilliantly cinematic wedding…and this love story is the real deal!  From the lighthearted intro as this tight-knit group of ladies got ready while swooning over one another, to the climactic escort by her entourage to meet Jason at the water’s edge, which, after some sweetness quickly led into the entire bridal party deciding it was a good time to enjoy the scenery while they “cop a feel” on the buns next to them.  Have I mentioned they’re hysterical?  And then the ceremony!  I’m pretty sure every single person had tears in their eyes at some point or another (myself included), from the intensity and depth of love being expressed, from the heartache of those beloved and missed, from laughing so hard with the joy that is Aly and Jason. And things certainly didn’t slow down there…the family feast was laden with a whole lineup of fantastic toasts, giving way to plenty of genuinely beautiful and honest moments like the one shown above.  The magic continued as they shared a, literally, glowing first dance that I can best compare to the perfection of honey.  The celebration went on with plenty of silliness, ending with a dream-like kiss in the rain.   Enjoy!  And if you still want more, click on the Aly and Jason link in the right hand column for their slideshow.




Shelter Island Wedding Celebration

Aly & Jason091214_057I am so excited to share with you this beautiful couple and their amazing family and friends.  The word that comes to mind is kismet.  This destination Shelter Island Wedding was a weekend long party, beginning with this super relaxed Welcome BBQ at the historic Haven’s House.  We took some family pictures and the celebration tripled to wedding/double birthday! It was the perfect kickoff. More to come of these two love birds soon!










North Fork Vineyard Wedding

Tara and Jake 090614_0859I love it when, no matter how many times I look at the photos, I smile every time!  How could I not with such an overwhelmingly happy couple as Tara and Jake!?  Their day was simply giddy and chock-full of moments rich with emotion, humor, and love.  Anyone fortunate enough to have Tara and Jake in their life will agree, these are two of the most genuine and kind souls to walk earth, and wow, what a pair!  After sharing their first look on the lawn of Cliffside Resort, we head over to Duck Walk Vineyard, stopping along the way to take some bridal party and family portraits.  The guys had fun reenacting “Field of Dreams, ” while the ladies showed off all of their fancy accessories and super exciting mandarin orange dresses!  Before the start of the ceremony, Tara and her father shared a long hug, a moment which will remain beautifully frozen in time.  The sky warmed and turned to a subtle orange creamsicle hue just as Tara was “veiled”… exhaled…and walked down the aisle.

Compliments to Ashley O’Neil Events and Sugar Magnolia Flowers

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Founders Landing Beach Wedding

Aileen & Chris082214_1038It was such a blessing to be present at Aileen and Chris’ beautiful wedding.  There were so many candy moments, like the elegant gesture as Aileen looked over her shoulder while getting into her dress, and when the father of the bride adoringly kissed his daughter’s hand, and Aileen watching her groom dance with his mother.  One of my favorite moments was Aileen and Chris’ first dance, and the way that she melted into him once their friends and family joined in and surrounded them, crowding the dance floor and enveloping them in a sea of love (her expression is the essence of the beauty in candid).  And then there was all the gorgeous moments among the guests as love filled the air and the many children brought pure joy. The spirit of loved ones passed was ever present as Chris wore a tie clip with his father’s initial close to his heart, and Aileen carried stargazer lilies and was hugged by her custom made veil which included pieces of her mother’s wedding dress.  I loved the father of the bride’s toast, as he explained that researchers have found that people experiencing true love have virtually the same brain activity occurring as somebody who is “crazy”…hence the truth to crazy in love.  Please enjoy a selection of images from Aileen and Chris’ wedding day!

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Wyoming Wed – An Elopement

April & Steve080714_205Get ready for possibly my favorite wedding to date…okay, I’m biased, it’s my sister, April and her man, Steve!  I had the absolute pleasure and honor of capturing their private exchange of vows in the pasture of McFadden Ranch. Now, for as long as I can remember April has had this friend from Wyoming, talking on the phone literally just about every day (for 15 years!).  They really only met a handful of times before April took a leap of faith and moved out west to “give it a try.”  Well surprise surprise, it became clear pretty quickly that they were always meant to be (a fact that Steve has confidently known all along).  Not so keen on planning a big wedding, the happy couple decided to get a photographer 😉 and keep things super simple.  I brought with me our Mom’s pearls, which were Grandma’s, and a cameo broach that our mom wore on her wedding day.  For flowers, we picked daisies and zinnias that morning from April’s beautiful gardens, and chose sage because “it is the smell of horseback riding out west” where wild sagebrush covers the hills.  She wanted the peaceful morning light just as the sun peeked over the red clay mountains, and so we hopped in the pickup, loaded up the dogs, and got down to the ranch for 7am to meet the pastor and the owner of the ranch/witness (and I doubled as photographer/other witness).  By the way, it’s really hard to shoot with tears in my eyes!  After a short and sweet ceremony, we galavanted around the ranch before heading back to their house, where Steve happily carried his bride across the threshold…he’s a bit of an old school romantic!

After some coffee, and my sleepy daughter and husband peeled their eyelids back, we packed up and hit the road for Sunlight Basin.  On our way we saw some wild horses just off the road (it couldn’t be April’s wedding day without some wild horses!).  And then we set up in bear country, so yes, her gun is loaded.  After some pics, and covered with burrs, April was ready to put on her Wranglers and kick back alongside the creek.  Everything was perfect! Please enjoy a small selection of images from April and Steve’s big day and click on their names under Links in right hand column to view a slideshow.

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Borrowed and Blue Wedding Feature!

I am excited to share the news that Katie and Zach’s Quogue Field Club Wedding was selected for feature on Borrowed & Blue Real Weddings!  Click here to see in full.

Screen shot 2014-09-14 at 3.14.42 PM