Happy 1st Birthday!

Leo090714_036Post-birthday cake bath time!!  And this wasn’t just any old bath time as you’ll see…they plopped him right in with the corn soaking in a galvanized tub…so cute!  There’s nothing more joyful than a child excitedly exploring the world, on wobbly legs and with incessant curiosity, and spreading love to all those around him.  Here’s a little highlight “reel” from a very smiley first birthday celebration with The Nappa’s.  enjoy!

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Newborn Session

Robert                                                                                                                      3 days old001_0870What a squish!  Baby Robert arrived a week after his due date, weighing 8 lbs 8 oz.  I was welcomed into their home as they very naturally settled into parenthood and I had the absolute honor of capturing their ever-evolving love story through my lens.

001_0873002_6502002_6507002_6511002_6516002_6549002_6563002_6559002_6524002_6522002_6525002_6537 - Version 2002_6540002_6579002_6530002_6535

Newborn Session

Lucy                                                                                                                       12 days old001_0568I’m not sure that there is anything cuter than brand new babies wearing gigantic headpieces, and froggy legs and little nugget toes…SO CUTE!    Here are a few of my favorites from Baby Lucy’s newborn session.001_0490001_0486001_0513002_6380001_0524001_0531 (1)001_0572002_6427001_0554001_0544001_0549002_6383003_6688001_0563


Pregnancy Portrait

Due: March 25th032014_19How do I even begin to describe the incredible love between Corey and Chris?  I am very lucky to have the pleasure of photographing my friends as they wait for their amazing creation to arrive.  They are two of the most beautiful souls that I have ever known and their affection for one another, and for their baby, is divine love.  Corey’s peaceful spirit is inspirational, to say the least, and Chris’ adoration for his lady is genuinely gorgeous.   We ended the photo shoot in their beautiful nursery, fully out-fitted with Corey’s artwork.  You must go check out www.coreysolinger.com right now!  

Their home is warm, inspired, and calm which obviously made for a fantastic shoot!  Chris, also a photographer, has been documenting Corey’s pregnancy by photographing her in front of their chalkboard, the numbered week written at belly-height, which you will see below.  You will see also that Corey, at 39 weeks pregnant, has taken on a large puzzle as her pass-time to distract her mind (brillliant!).  

She steeps her tea patiently.  He talks to her belly, and listens to their baby’s heartbeat. These days before the arrival of their little one are more special than words could possibly describe.  Enjoy…       

032014_13032014_17032014_15032014_18032014_28032014_27032014_23032014_32032214_001032214_034032214_031032214_026032214_021032214_012032214_038032214_042032214_047032214_054 (1)032214_055Coincidentally, the painting behind them is of bellies!  032214_061032214_064032214_065032214_068032214_081032214_100032214_102v032214_105032214_108032214_112032214_114

Pregnancy Portrait

001_0219Marcel and Amy are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their little lady this spring.  Hot off the heals of their amazing wedding this past June, these love birds are nesting in a honeymoon state-of-mind!  It is such an amazing experience to watch a couple grow together in their life and in love.  I thank Amy & Marcel for welcoming me to capture these truly special days with them.



Newborn Twins!

Amalia and Athanassios020814_051Just shy of 30 weeks pregnant, Jeannine went into labor as Amalia and Athanassios decided it was time to enter into the world.  They spent their early days in the hospital so we put off the newborn session, waiting until everyone settled in at home.  The little bundles were 3 months old for their photo session (and about 7 lbs!).  I walked in and the image below was one of the first…how sweet!?!?  Then we went in to the nursery for some family pics and captured, apparently, my version of “American Gothic.”  Love it.