About Me

I am inspired by fleeting moments that last just seconds but reveal emotions with profound depth.  In my work, I look to capture the true nature of what exists on a meaningful day and the beauty that resides in every day .  In particular, I am interested in relationships among family and friends, unique interactions that in part define who we are.  I strive to portray an honest interpretation of people in their lives, creating memories that will be shared for generations ahead.  I consider it a true honor to be invited to tell these stories through my photographs, and I always make every effort to be an unobtrusive guest.
I grew up on the north fork of Long Island and in 2005 moved to Boston to study at the esteemed School of The Museum of Fine Arts.  There I studied classical drawing techniques with an emphasis on conceptual and contemporary art.  In short, my work there ultimately honed in on natural human behaviors extracted from raw photographs. Which is what, in part, led me to this career.
Not long after graduating, my heart brought me back to the North Fork and I began to explore the passion that had emerged out of my work in Boston.  I chose to focus on the photograph itself as the work of art and I am excited to have the amazing opportunity to capture the essence of celebration, love and family.
My wonderful husband and I became proud first time parents in 2012 and we enjoy passing our time together with our birds and bees…literally…we have a small, very eclectic, flock of chickens and an ever-inspiring colony of honeybees!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Caroline,

    I have always admired your paintings, but wow! You have certainly found another talent in photography! You manage to capture the magical moments of weddings in such a sweet way.

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