North Fork Winter Wedding

The sun fell perfectly on the steeple, filtering into the church through its tall glass and filling it with peaceful anticipation.  In town from Seattle, Devin and Kevin exchanged their vows to one another just off the heals of Christmas in an intimate family affair here at the First Universalist Church in Southold.  The mark of “the beginning” as the little ones peeked around the corner with Easter basket of flower petals in hands, and I reveled in the moments as they unfolded on Devin and Kevin’s special day.  Here are a few favorites of mine to share.  Many thanks to Ashley O’Neil Events for transforming the space with beautiful strung lights and the most elegant pizza party you’ve ever seen!  Thanks also to Clarks Garden in Greenport and Rachel Croneymeyer Cakes & Confections.  And THANK YOU to Devin and Kevin for welcoming me into their wedding, bringing focus to all of life’s blessings and the grace of love… a perfect close to my 2014 season.  Warmest wishes for a lifetime of happiness together!

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