Shelter Island Wedding at The Ram’s Head Inn

Aly & Jason091314_1106Pull up a chair, cozy up with your morning cup of coffee, and bring a box of tissues for this one!  What I loved most about Aly and Jason’s day was how truly natural every single moment was, and how wonderfully affectionate everybody was.  As movie fanatics, Aly and Jason certainly know how to set the stage for a brilliantly cinematic wedding…and this love story is the real deal!  From the lighthearted intro as this tight-knit group of ladies got ready while swooning over one another, to the climactic escort by her entourage to meet Jason at the water’s edge, which, after some sweetness quickly led into the entire bridal party deciding it was a good time to enjoy the scenery while they “cop a feel” on the buns next to them.  Have I mentioned they’re hysterical?  And then the ceremony!  I’m pretty sure every single person had tears in their eyes at some point or another (myself included), from the intensity and depth of love being expressed, from the heartache of those beloved and missed, from laughing so hard with the joy that is Aly and Jason. And things certainly didn’t slow down there…the family feast was laden with a whole lineup of fantastic toasts, giving way to plenty of genuinely beautiful and honest moments like the one shown above.  The magic continued as they shared a, literally, glowing first dance that I can best compare to the perfection of honey.  The celebration went on with plenty of silliness, ending with a dream-like kiss in the rain.   Enjoy!  And if you still want more, click on the Aly and Jason link in the right hand column for their slideshow.





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