North Fork Vineyard Wedding

Tara and Jake 090614_0859I love it when, no matter how many times I look at the photos, I smile every time!  How could I not with such an overwhelmingly happy couple as Tara and Jake!?  Their day was simply giddy and chock-full of moments rich with emotion, humor, and love.  Anyone fortunate enough to have Tara and Jake in their life will agree, these are two of the most genuine and kind souls to walk earth, and wow, what a pair!  After sharing their first look on the lawn of Cliffside Resort, we head over to Duck Walk Vineyard, stopping along the way to take some bridal party and family portraits.  The guys had fun reenacting “Field of Dreams, ” while the ladies showed off all of their fancy accessories and super exciting mandarin orange dresses!  Before the start of the ceremony, Tara and her father shared a long hug, a moment which will remain beautifully frozen in time.  The sky warmed and turned to a subtle orange creamsicle hue just as Tara was “veiled”… exhaled…and walked down the aisle.

Compliments to Ashley O’Neil Events and Sugar Magnolia Flowers

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