Founders Landing Beach Wedding

Aileen & Chris082214_1038It was such a blessing to be present at Aileen and Chris’ beautiful wedding.  There were so many candy moments, like the elegant gesture as Aileen looked over her shoulder while getting into her dress, and when the father of the bride adoringly kissed his daughter’s hand, and Aileen watching her groom dance with his mother.  One of my favorite moments was Aileen and Chris’ first dance, and the way that she melted into him once their friends and family joined in and surrounded them, crowding the dance floor and enveloping them in a sea of love (her expression is the essence of the beauty in candid).  And then there was all the gorgeous moments among the guests as love filled the air and the many children brought pure joy. The spirit of loved ones passed was ever present as Chris wore a tie clip with his father’s initial close to his heart, and Aileen carried stargazer lilies and was hugged by her custom made veil which included pieces of her mother’s wedding dress.  I loved the father of the bride’s toast, as he explained that researchers have found that people experiencing true love have virtually the same brain activity occurring as somebody who is “crazy”…hence the truth to crazy in love.  Please enjoy a selection of images from Aileen and Chris’ wedding day!

082214_0029082214_0078082214_0142 - Version 2 082214_0213 - Version 2082214_1061082214_0156082214_0168082214_0211082214_0203082214_0360082214_0408082214_0013082214_0383082214_0429082214_0453082214_0191082214_0455082214_0474(2)082214_0631082214_0507082214_0646082214_0644082214_0624082214_0534082214_0561082214_0693082214_0815082214_0841082214_1099082214_0730082214_0212082214_0852082214_0840082214_0880082214_0365082214_0910082214_1164082214_0678082214_1089082214_0955082214_1010082214_1029082214_1027082214_1034082214_1043082214_1046082214_1050082214_1064082214_1130082214_1191082214_1217082214_0656082214_1307082214_1312082214_1326082214_1339082214_1355082214_1347










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