Wyoming Wed – An Elopement

April & Steve080714_205Get ready for possibly my favorite wedding to date…okay, I’m biased, it’s my sister, April and her man, Steve!  I had the absolute pleasure and honor of capturing their private exchange of vows in the pasture of McFadden Ranch. Now, for as long as I can remember April has had this friend from Wyoming, talking on the phone literally just about every day (for 15 years!).  They really only met a handful of times before April took a leap of faith and moved out west to “give it a try.”  Well surprise surprise, it became clear pretty quickly that they were always meant to be (a fact that Steve has confidently known all along).  Not so keen on planning a big wedding, the happy couple decided to get a photographer 😉 and keep things super simple.  I brought with me our Mom’s pearls, which were Grandma’s, and a cameo broach that our mom wore on her wedding day.  For flowers, we picked daisies and zinnias that morning from April’s beautiful gardens, and chose sage because “it is the smell of horseback riding out west” where wild sagebrush covers the hills.  She wanted the peaceful morning light just as the sun peeked over the red clay mountains, and so we hopped in the pickup, loaded up the dogs, and got down to the ranch for 7am to meet the pastor and the owner of the ranch/witness (and I doubled as photographer/other witness).  By the way, it’s really hard to shoot with tears in my eyes!  After a short and sweet ceremony, we galavanted around the ranch before heading back to their house, where Steve happily carried his bride across the threshold…he’s a bit of an old school romantic!

After some coffee, and my sleepy daughter and husband peeled their eyelids back, we packed up and hit the road for Sunlight Basin.  On our way we saw some wild horses just off the road (it couldn’t be April’s wedding day without some wild horses!).  And then we set up in bear country, so yes, her gun is loaded.  After some pics, and covered with burrs, April was ready to put on her Wranglers and kick back alongside the creek.  Everything was perfect! Please enjoy a small selection of images from April and Steve’s big day and click on their names under Links in right hand column to view a slideshow.

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One thought on “Wyoming Wed – An Elopement

  1. How peaceful! I love the horse pictures and the one of your sister hugging her new husband over his shoulders. This is the oppitomy of “happily ever after”!

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