Raphael Vineyard Wedding

Lauren & Dan071914_096 I adore Lauren and Dan’s sweetness together and the way he lights her up, filling her with tickling giggles.  It was a beautiful celebration, beginning at the elegant Jedediah Hawkins Inn where they shared their first look at one another as bride and groom.  Once at Raphael, they waited excitedly for guests to arrive, and their dog Muffin watched Lauren intensely, sitting loyally at her feet (one of my favorite images for sure!). Dan’s uncle led the ceremony with humor and grace and the soft light was perfection.  Have a look! 071914_006071914_042071914_002071914_011071914_013071914_014071914_017071914_023071914_007071914_025071914_031071914_029071914_033071914_034071914_032071914_039071914_045071914_049071914_056071914_061071914_063071914_064071914_066071914_068071914_070071914_081071914_082071914_079071914_080071914_091071914_094071914_092071914_088071914_084071914_106071914_086071914_036071914_046071914_098071914_097071914_101071914_104071914_105071914_107071914_110071914_117071914_118071914_119071914_128071914_129071914_124071914_127071914_121071914_131071914_123071914_122071914_108071914_133071914_134








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