Shelter Island Wedding

Michele & John062814_1226What an amazing couple!  Michele and John are totally and completely made for one another and both are equally sweet halves, making one incredibly beautiful union.  Their ceremony was held at the outdoor chapel of Quinipet on Shelter Island , followed by reception at The Pridwin which always promises a perfect sunset.  Here’s some favorites…

062814_0784062814_0387062814_0397062814_0389062814_0405062814_0414062814_0530062814_0533062814_0536062814_0804 (1)062814_0650062814_0074062814_0182062814_0098062814_0185062814_0716062814_0727062814_0732062814_0739062814_0750062814_0766062814_0778062814_0831062814_0786062814_0899062814_0883062814_0901062814_1054062814_1084062814_1172062814_1181062814_1186062814_1190062814_1188062814_1206062814_1194062814_1222062814_1262


One thought on “Shelter Island Wedding

  1. What a perfect wedding! Michele, you are gorgeous! Elise, Katie, & Kelly…so beautiful!

    I think my favorite picture is of the couple face to face, almost their silhouettes, with the setting sun. Amazing!

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