Quogue Field Club Wedding

Katie & Zach061414_0014If you don’t already love pink, this wedding will make you fall in love!  The ethereal palette and lush textures were simply stunning.  It was an exquisite event hosted by The Quogue Field Club and made perfect by A Small Affair (and by the bride’s dad and his lighting skills!).  Church of The Atonement in Quogue is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique churches that I’ve ever seen, and their vintage ride after the ceremony made for an exciting departure.  And then the party…Katie did tell me that this was a dancing crowd!  The day was rich with candy moments.  It was elegant and dapper and super silly fun.  Enjoy!  061414_0024061414_0008061414_0062 061414_0077 (1)061414_0480 061414_0141061414_0148061414_0157061414_0549061414_0475061414_0471061414_0321061414_0511061414_0522061414_0629061414_0637061414_0652061414_0643061414_0677061414_0709061414_0345061414_0751061414_0794061414_0851061414_0859 061414_0845061414_0871061414_1037061414_1035061414_0969061414_0903061414_0889061414_0882061414_0900061414_1050061414_1091061414_1101061414_1098061414_1172061414_1182061414_1306061414_1325061414_1366061414_1371061414_1471061414_1387061414_1420061414_1497061414_1483061414_1524061414_1482






One thought on “Quogue Field Club Wedding

  1. Beautiful!
    I love her dress and her classic color scheme!
    Yet again, Caroline, perfect shots! I can feel their love!

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