Laurel Lake Vineyard Wedding

Diana & Michael060714_1147 Nothing’s better than that perfect summer haze painting the vines in saturated hues.   I loved photographing Diana & Michael, and I especially loved the way they just inhaled one another when seeing each other for the first time.  So sweet.  The day was a true reflection of this laid back and thoughtful couple, as they enjoyed a fantastic family style meal by Grace & Grit over teary-eyed toasts and tons of laughter.    060714_0095060714_0065060714_0543060714_0546060714_0298060714_0406060714_0555060714_0811060714_0028060714_1202060714_0996060714_1009060714_1191060714_1210060714_1055060714_1113060714_1119060714_1148060714_1169060714_1159060714_1151060714_1149060714_1180060714_1166060714_1233060714_1242060714_1237 (1)060714_1238





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