Raphael Vineyard Wedding

Laura & Adam002_9248There were so many amazing moments that filled Laura & Adam’s day, it’s hard to say where to start!  So here above, one of my favs, when the light filtered in just right, crowning them as husband and wife.  Laura is Founder of Blossom Meadow Artisanal Products and is a rock star beekeeper and amazing spokeswoman for pollinators of all kinds.  Adam is the man behind Coffee Pot Cellars, so it could not have been more perfect that their wedding day was off the heals of bud break here on the North Fork.  Their pug, Beasley, played an integral role in the day as dog ring bearer/bee-like monarch butterfly.  Handcrafted felt bugs were a lovely touch to her classic satin gown.  And get ready for this…an actual bee decided to join in for the family portraits!!  Laura says, “awww” as it crawls up her arm, and then assumes it’s place in the flower bouquet for photos.  How’s that for un-bee-lievable!  It’s destiny!  001_1827002_8934002_8932002_9126 (1)002_9120002_9588002_9014002_9028002_9048002_9079003_9169001_1807001_2008001_2002001_2068001_2072002_9236002_9445002_9476002_9261002_9431002_9436002_9413001_2305001_2319001_2321001_2334001_2327002_9594001_2312001_2325002_9458002_9495002_9285002_9299002_9322002_9339002_9347002_9352 (1)002_9358







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