Long Island City Waterfront Wedding

Tracy & Chris051014_0333 (1)Cool blues & greys of clouds, water, and city skyline combined with the warm glow from chandeliers playing on smiling faces, antique wallpaper, and brass decorated uniforms.  They happily tell me that it’s almost tradition in their family that it rain on wedding days. After the down pour, the skies clear in time to take a moment for some pictures on the dock right after the ceremony.  And definitely one of my all time favorite wedding moments was when this Navy crew went all “Top Gun” on Tracy and very enthusiastically serenaded her…amazing!       have a look…   051014_0022051014_0054051014_0001051014_0143051014_0069051014_0043051014_0129051014_0182051014_0135051014_0138051014_0205051014_0047051014_0230051014_0330051014_0280051014_0308051014_0346051014_0438051014_0429051014_0424051014_0446051014_0433051014_0459051014_0444051014_0360051014_0588051014_0828051014_0667051014_0690051014_0857051014_0771051014_0965051014_0907051014_0915051014_0912051014_0993051014_1051






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