Brecknock Hall Wedding – The 3rd Annual Veteran’s Day Wedding Giveback

Tara & Joe                                                                                                November 10, 2013111113_0674For the past three years I have had the pleasure of being part of this truly wonderful and inspiring community event, hosted by Peconic Landing @ Brecknock Hall.  Each year, a couple who has served or is currently serving in the U.S Armed Forces is selected to receive their entire wedding complimentary from an entourage of local vendors.  It is our chance to give back to our veterans, to say “thank you” with deepest gratitude, and to celebrate love with them.

Tara and Joe graduated from Mattituck High School a year apart, but it wasn’t until years later that they would begin to know one another.  Tara, a senior airman, was attending school at St. John’s University and working at a local North Fork restaurant.  The two would talk when Joe came into the restaurant but he soon left for basic training and they parted ways.  Time passed and then one day Joe, now a staff sergeant, walked right in and asked Tara out on their first date.  “I’ll never forget it, ” Tara tells, “He just got home from basic training in Texas wearing his military blues.  He was trying to impress me.  It worked!”

The couple was deployed to Afghanistan together last year with the mission to support helicopters flying casualty evacuations. Thanks to their efforts,  85 lives were saved.  They have returned home together as full-time technicians at the 106th Rescue Wing in Westhampton Beach.

May everyone take time this holiday season to appreciate and honor all of our country’s servicemen and women, home and overseas, and be reminded that this is “Land of the free because of the brave.”

Happy Holidays!

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Contributing vendors for 2013 The Veteran’s Day Wedding Giveback:


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