Orient Point Farm Wedding

Anna & Ben                                                                                                  101913_1291

A perfect blend of soft blue from sea to sky with the sound of geese gathering on the beach below. Together with their friends & family, Anna & Ben celebrated their marriage on the bluffs of a private estate in Orient Point.  The sprawling green lawn behind them made for a dramatic processional as the bride entered with her father and a Spanish guitar accompaniment.  This Brooklyn based couple discovered the magnificent Orient Point venue while exploring the North Fork, and it could not have been a more perfect fit.  Anna is a west coast lady and Ben, a southern gentleman.  Their eclectic taste made for an incredible and visually delicious wedding day rich with thoughtful details and loving sentiment.  This was a truly inspired autumn barn wedding.  Please enjoy and take a few minutes to watch their slideshow!  Click on Anna & Ben in the right hand column under Links.

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