Maritime Marriage

Libby & Dan                                                                                                    October 6, 2013100613_291Get ready for the most unique wedding ever!!! Captain “Hurricane” Libby wouldn’t have it any other way…she and her man, Dan, would be married at sea!  So she arrived at Hanff’s Boat Yard in Greenport, satin, pearls and fur, and made her way up to wheelhouse of the Plum Isle Ferry Boat.  Friends and family piled on and Libby watched excitedly from above as her groom arrived and they prepared for departure from the dock.  It was a cool and misty day, with winds threatening to keep us docked all together, but instead the champagne was popped, the keg was tapped, and everyone embarked on the adventure happily.  Out of Stirling Harbor, and across Peconic Bay, the Capt. tucked the boat into a cozy little spot just off of Shelter Island, where the wind dropped out entirely and the scene defined serenity.  Libby and her father walked hand in hand down the deck as Dan smiled and a salty raindrop fell from his ear.  It’s a simply spectacular moment.  They kiss and the foghorns sound, as the little black boat rejoices with cheers and tears.  Afterwards, Libby and Dan switched over to her parents’ boat and arrived to their reception at The Orient Yacht Club.  Everyone got toasty under the tent next to the Tequila Bar & Southold Fish Market’s Raw Bar.  The evening was kicked off with a heartfelt toast by the Maid of Honor/Libby’s best friend/Dan’s sister, followed by their first dance to The Grateful Dead performed by the very talented Gene Casey & The Lone Sharks.

Kudos to Points East for the perfect acoustic accompaniment for this special day during the ceremony and cocktail hour.  Also to North Fork BBQ Alternatives for comfort food at its best and to Libby’s Aunt for the gorgeous Bug Light Wedding Cake! I am also proud to say that my husband captured the amazing shots of the boat out at sea from land…awesome job!  And if you’re wondering about the bride’s beautiful veil turned into cape, it’s a piece of her grandmother’s wedding dress.  The bride’s actual dress is her grandmother’s honeymoon lingerie, a better fit for Libby’s spirit and style!




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