Founders Landing Wedding

Dawn & Dan                                                                                               September 7, 2013090713_0931What an amazing wedding day.  Dawn and Dan were married at a private home on the tip of Nassau Point, an especially sentimental place because it’s where Dan proposed.  Now how sweet is this….they went for a walk along the beach and Dan strategically had Dawn stumble across a half buried cooler in the sand which he had planted earlier.  She opened it up and found the ring inside, diamonds and sapphire.

So here we are, at the point, with pearls and blue gingham, the rings arrive by cooler and an intimate ceremony with immediate family follows.  And possibly one of my all time favorite moments captured is when Dan greets his dog at the start of the ceremony.  This wedding had a few of my all time favs though, like when Dawn sat down on the lawn surrounded by her four favorite little men, and when her mom got all choked up seeing her for the first time, and the way Dawn clasped her hands together with anticipation.  Not to mention all the sweetness between those two lovebirds!

They borrowed their friend’s cherry red Chevy and drove to their party at Founder’s Landing in Southold.  Friends and family greeted them when they arrived, and the laid back evening could not have been more perfect.  After dark they set lanterns off over the bay and friends lingered through the night.  Enjoy!          090713_0160090713_0021090713_0140090713_0118090713_0031090713_0192090713_0230090713_0246090713_0279090713_0285090713_0272090713_0269090713_0337090713_0454090713_0527090713_0564090713_0574090713_0591090713_0601090713_0610090713_0607090713_0627090713_0602090713_0880090713_0309090713_0666090713_0660090713_0654090713_0944090713_0899090713_0914090713_0921090713_0700090713_0924 (1)090713_1065090713_1046090713_1085090713_0906090713_1136090713_1174090713_1232090713_1192090713_1227090713_0852090713_1094090713_1177090713_1230090713_1249090713_1264 090713_1268090713_1257090713_1638090713_1645090713_1343090713_1705090713_1676090713_1378090713_1865090713_1906090713_1813090713_1834090713_1896090713_1900090713_1879







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