Salt Air Farm Wedding

Alyssa & Meyer                                                                                               August 24, 2013082413_1350…like a puff of heaven on earth.  Salt Air Farm in New Suffolk is bursting with romance, as tremendous hydrangeas billow, wildflowers sway, and honeybees forage about.  The ceremony was set beneath a gigantic willow tree that wept like a waterfall as Alyssa & Meyer exchanged their heartfelt vows.  Meyer is from South Africa and Alyssa from Southold.  Last year they went to city hall and made it “official” as husband and wife. But on this August day they would celebrate their own union with loved ones and unite their families for the first time.  I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of photographing these two truly beautiful people and this spectacular event.

Ahhh, the details!!!  I have to just start right off with some eye candy.  An exciting palette of purples, tones of orange, chartreuse green, champagne & glitter.  The bride’s mother put together the favors from her very own beach glass collection and topped each tiny vessel with lavender from her garden.  The groom crafted the lovely elephant centerpieces.  The flowers were, of course, provided by Salt Air Farm.  A Sperry Tent created a perfect canopy of light, as always.  South African wine was served with an incredible local cuisine by Creative Courses Catering…seriously amazing food.  And the desserts were decadent (and undoubtedly delicious), kudos to Rachel Cronemeyer Cakes & Confections. Enjoy!

082413_0066082413_0081082413_1333082413_0308082413_0323082413_1284082413_0302 - Version 2082413_0986082413_0292082413_0410082413_0395082413_0275082413_0423082413_0473082413_0465082413_0485082413_0569082413_0501082413_0587082413_0591082413_0601082413_0606082413_0618082413_0648082413_0087082413_0123082413_0699082413_0710082413_0730082413_0832082413_0782082413_0745082413_0994082413_0866082413_0905082413_0807082413_1035082413_1033082413_1086082413_1178 (1)082413_1329082413_1306082413_1328082413_1332082413_1334082413_0980082413_1451082413_1443082413_1471082413_1160082413_0988082413_1498082413_1549082413_1522


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