Destination Wedding at The Castle Hill Inn, Newport, Rhode Island

Jillian & Matt                                                                                                      June 29, 2013062913_0809I cannot even get over the incredible beauty at this wedding.  Jillian and Matt planned an  amazing destination wedding to Newport at the very awesome Castle Hill Inn (a historic oceanfront mansion turned inn/restaurant).  One of my (many) favorite moments in the day was when Matt arrived to Castle Hill, accompanied by his handsome entourage, and walked out to the magnificent lawn while Jillian excitedly looked on from the watchtower above.  There was such wonderful energy and brilliant romance in those moments leading up to their first look at one another on their wedding day.  Jillian practically ran out to him she was so excited!

And then the rest of this perfect day…photos with their immediate family, followed by cocktail hour which began as the bus load of extended family arrived, followed by a leisurely walk through the woods to their cliffside ceremony (seen in the above shot), followed by a visit to the lighthouse, and finally commencing at an intimate family meal in one of the most elegant spaces I have ever had the pleasure of photographing.

please enjoy!

062913_0009062913_0077062913_0011062913_0019062913_0097062913_0049062913_0055062913_0116062913_0121 - Version 2062913_0118 - Version 2062913_0126062913_0174062913_0213062913_0221062913_0212062913_0228062913_0028062913_0241062913_0225062913_0234062913_0238062913_0286062913_0291062913_0324062913_0332062913_0473062913_0447062913_0540062913_0504062913_0617062913_0589062913_0527062913_0649062913_0664062913_0662062913_0712062913_0731062913_0739062913_0745 (1)062913_0771062913_0807062913_0812062913_0836062913_0878 - Version 2062913_0938062913_0947062913_0953062913_0964062913_0962062913_0976062913_0994062913_0997062913_0193062913_1030062913_1189062913_1096062913_1125062913_1119062913_1161062913_1190062913_1185062913_1213062913_1215062913_1176062913_1222

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