Sparkling Pointe Winery Wedding

Darla & Tim                                                                                                     June 21, 2013062113_1777Destination North Fork Wedding! Their first date, their first kiss, their 1 year anniversary, their engagement…these Connecticut natives have celebrated many special days on their beloved North Fork so it seemed the best place to tie the knot! I just love their story… It began on one fateful evening in Connecticut, when Tim noticed Darla (beauty that she is!) in a restaurant where they were both enjoying dinner with friends (entirely separately). Later that night, they bumped into one another at a different restaurant and the conversation began while the sparks took off!  Some time passed, but when they saw each other again Tim insisted on taking Darla on a more official and “proper” first date.  And so, the date was set, and with a bottle of champagne and two ferry tickets, he swept her away to Wine Country!  How’s that for romantic?!

NoFo became a regular getaway for Darla & Tim and while sipping on champagne at Sparkling Pointe Vineyard on one of their visits, they both agreed that it would be a fabulous place to get married some day… so here we are!!    ENJOY!!062113_0026062113_0023062113_0017062113_0065062113_0008062113_0011062113_0156062113_0117062113_0125062113_0231062113_0223062113_0261062113_0273062113_0253062113_0267062113_0396062113_0386062113_0393062113_0487062113_0370062113_0359062113_0374062113_2176062113_1320062113_1327062113_1356062113_1350062113_1448062113_1457062113_2134062113_2137062113_2143062113_2145062113_1670062113_1723062113_2158062113_1547062113_1110 - Version 2062113_2083062113_1010062113_0633062113_1035062113_0654062113_0659062113_1973062113_2008062113_2003062113_1996062113_2185062113_2059062113_2299062113_2251062113_2273062113_2226062113_2355062113_2331062113_2289062113_2350062113_2362


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