Shelter Island Wedding at The Ram’s Head Inn

Amy & Marcel                                                                                                    June 14, 2013


There is something about the light on Shelter Island…it’s like it just pours romance from the skies (especially at The Ram’s Head Inn).  With acoustic guitar and violin serenading them, they became husband and wife beneath their driftwood huppah in a private ceremony. Amy’s incredibly vivacious laugh filled the air, and Marcel, with pure joy.  They then went on to enjoy an intimate family meal, taking it easy before the BIG celebration the following day at The Pridwin…an absolutely beautiful celebration that you have to see!  (Come back soon to see that post!)   003_3692003_3767003_3859001_3785003_3772003_3756001_3803003_3792003_3819003_3826001_3810001_3855003_3871003_3877003_3895003_3903003_3902 copy003_3911003_3921001_3876003_3935001_3888001_3897001_3890003_3988003_3980003_3985001_3900003_3997003_4078003_4081001_3999001_3979003_4145003_4161003_4180001_4020003_4190003_4183003_4218


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