Macari Vineyard Wedding

Vanessa & Keith                                                                                                April 20, 2013042013_1159The vines hadn’t quite “broke bud” yet and anticipation resonated profoundly on this day.  Spring…about to get married…and a baby on the way!  I’ve known Vanessa for many many years so I was absolutely thrilled to have the honor of photographing her and Keith on their wedding day.  Vanessa’s beautiful spirit lights up all those who have the pleasure of being in her company, but the love Keith’s eyes show each time he looks at his bride is enough to melt most people.  Even better still, they are constantly having fun…one of my favorite moments at their wedding is when they pulled me aside for an impromptu cake cutting and didn’t even seem to notice that they did not have forks.  They just cut the cake and dug right in without the slightest pause.  Love it!  I’ve shared below a small selection of pics from the day.  Enjoy!    042013_0100042013_0046042013_0032042013_0085042013_0109042013_0168 (1)042013_0190 042013_0197042013_0243042013_0206042013_0280042013_0292042013_0296042013_0447 (1)042013_0504 042013_0615042013_0325042013_1153 042013_1143042013_0857042013_0849042013_0871042013_0915042013_0913042013_0905042013_0958042013_1092042013_1178042013_1029042013_1368042013_1353042013_1644042013_1700042013_1428042013_1435042013_1604042013_1571042013_1619 (1)042013_1709042013_1717042013_1723042013_1884042013_1886042013_1896


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