Macari Vineyard Wedding

Kendra & Nick                                                                                         November 3, 2012 110312_0277

She arrived to the vineyard with excited nerves tingling through her fingertips.  He stood waiting for his bride with eyes closed.  She quietly made her way to him, touched his shoulder, he turned to her with wonderful anticipation and sheer joy, and in an instant he melted her with his touch.  It was so beautiful, as though it was their first date, but then with the comfort as if they’ve known one another for a thousand years.

In the days before their wedding day, Hurricane Sandy arrived and flooded their wedding venue, The Old Field Club in East Setauket.  A wedding that was being planned for well over a year in advance had to be re-planned in less than a week!  Thankfully they were able to secure Macari for the big day.  You can imagine the relief once it all came together.  After a few deep breaths, ties came undone and the party went on which is exactly what everyone needed…good fun and lots of love!

*To see more from Kendra & Nick’s wedding, click on their names under LINKS.  110312_0588110312_0660110312_0520110312_0508110312_1284110312_1329 110312_1352110312_1342110312_1410110312_1423110312_0720110312_0739 110312_1098110312_1518110312_1817110312_1591110312_1692 110312_3528110312_2129110312_3061110312_3387110312_2712110312_3230110312_3518110312_1839


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