Oceanbleu Wedding in Westhampton Beach


Lin & Christian                                                                                           October 27th, 2012

Now this was a seriously silly crowd!  SO much fun!!  Lin & Christian have an amazing, wild kind of energy together and a simply brilliant sense of humor.  It’s no surprise that they met while working together at a company called Vibrant!  There was a perfect harmony of timeless elegance and playfulness on their wedding day.  Pale blue accents like Lin’s eyes and props as fun as Christian’s hair!  It was a few days before Halloween so, cleverly, Lin & Christian used masks on the centerpieces instead of table numbers…and even more so, as a nod to Christian’s British roots (and all of his family that flew in from the UK), the masks were the faces of The Royal Family…plus Obama and Joe Biden 😉  The Queen’s dog was there and you know Prince Harry was partying!   It was hysterical.

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