Paumanok Vineyard Wedding

Corey & Chris have the kind of love that exists in fairytales…they were truly born for one another and anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing them will attest to it.  It was at Paumanok Vineyard where they first met and fell in love, so it was certainly the perfect place to be wed, among the vines, and at the edge of a golden meadow.  The evening sky was spectacular and beneath the tent felt like a new and brilliantly glowing galaxy…it was their world and it could not have been any more amazing.

Some notes on the details…Chris’ mom did all the flowers, making sure to include lots of oats and wheat which is symbolic of fertility…someone’s excited to someday be a Grandma! 🙂

Corey & Chris raised all of the oysters themselves!

Dark Horse Catering prepared an incredible “farm to table” family style dinner, which of course featured their very own locally raised Bison.  Chicken was provided by Corey’s & Chris’ friends at Deep Roots Farm in Orient.  And freshly caught fish was provided by a friend.

*There is so much more to see from this wedding so make sure you watch the slideshow!! Click on Corey & Chris under LINKS!!!



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