Veteran’s Day Wedding Giveback

On Veteran’s Day I had the absolute pleasure and honor of photographing the wedding ceremony of Cat and John Schmanski.  The happy couple was selected as the winners of The Veteran’s Day Wedding Giveback Contest, hosted by Brecknock Hall in Greenport.  Cat, an army specialist, and John, a staff sergeant, first met in 2009 on an Army base in Germany and it is there that their love story began.  They fell in love and would only see one another four more times in the last two years.  Both Cat and John have been deployed to Afghanistan twice, but never in the same unit.  On May 28th, 2010 they exchanged vows before being deployed again.  John’s mother entered the couple into the contest, with hopes of giving them a ceremony and celebration to enjoy with all of their friends and family close to home.  Brecknock Hall contacted numerous local vendors/merchants and I feel grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity to meet Cat and John and participate in such an overwhelmingly inspiring event.  And just a little side note to put things in perspective,  the bride was fresh off field training in Georgia the day before the wedding!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from the day here, and be sure to visit the slideshow under LINKS, click on Cat & John


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