Quilted Kind of Love

Sara & Dawn were married on September 10th, 2011 at the end of a long country road winding through the the apple orchards of Harvard, Massachusetts.  The spot was Friendly Crossways, a quaint home-like retreat where together with their friends and family they would enjoy a weekend of celebration.

I was reading a book recently which compiled advice from couples married 50+ years.  One woman, an avid quilter, talked about her marriage in terms of a quilting, explaining the deliberate and patient process and the incredible significance and beauty of a finished product.  This story made me immediately think of Sara & Dawn and their absolutely beautiful wedding.  Sara, an artist, created an environment beneath the tent which seemed to emulate heaven… playful blue “cloud puffs” danced with the delicately strung lights which bounced off the many photographs of Sara & Dawn as children and growing women.  The many details, handcrafted by Sara and her mom (including her dress), all contributed to an overall “quilted” feeling.  Their was array of coloful emotions and the spiritual presence of close family passed brought comfort as it blanketed their families with profound love.

*click on the link to Sara & Dawn for a must-see slideshow from their day!



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