Brecknock Hall Wedding

Snow spotted the ground on this New Year’s Day, just as perfect clouds spotted the sky.  She is draped perfectly in her mother’s wedding gown, just as the white sheers hang in tall windows.  He listens carefully…Mozart plays, as he smiles to know it’s almost time to see his bride.  This 1850’s mansion could not have been a more perfect place for Juliana & Fritz to be wed…it is stately like Fritz, filled with beautiful light like Juliana, and it is a historic home which on this day became theirs as it filled with the immense love of their radiant families embraced by golden walls.  I am so grateful to have been welcomed into their beautiful world for that day.

As always, don’t forget to look at the slideshow Juliana & Fritz under the links to your right , as the photos below are just a small selection from the day.


2 thoughts on “Brecknock Hall Wedding

  1. Beautiful. I love that the bride wore her mother’s gown. My best friend did that and I thought it was so classy and sentimental.

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