Carole and John really know how to throw a party!  After a small and intimate wedding last month, they welcomed all of their friends and family to their home on July 10th to celebrate their recent marriage.  Not only was this clambake an incredible feast (kudos to Troy of East Hampton Clambake), it was an extravaganza of fun, complete with a HUGE water slide, an enclosed trampoline for lots of jumping kids,  kayaks & canoes, and plenty of adirondack chairs for lounging.  The day was a laid back good time.  The highlight  was definitely when Carole & John braved the 40ft water slide…the slippery slide pushed Carole off her feet quickly and unexpectedly, but John held on tightly for the ride!  Carole put on her wedding dress once again and was escorted out by a fleet of beach beauties, fresh off the slide.  Together they shared their first dance as husband and wife, and went on to cut the cake (another masterpiece by Miche Bacher).  It was a beautiful day filled with lots of laughter among a backdrop of pure serenity.


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