Laurel Lake Vineyard Wedding

Diana & Michael060714_1147 Nothing’s better than that perfect summer haze painting the vines in saturated hues.   I loved photographing Diana & Michael, and I especially loved the way they just inhaled one another when seeing each other for the first time.  So sweet.  The day was a true reflection of this laid back and thoughtful couple, as they enjoyed a fantastic family style meal by Grace & Grit over teary-eyed toasts and tons of laughter.    060714_0095060714_0065060714_0543060714_0546060714_0298060714_0406060714_0555060714_0811060714_0028060714_1202060714_0996060714_1009060714_1191060714_1210060714_1055060714_1113060714_1119060714_1148060714_1169060714_1159060714_1151060714_1149060714_1180060714_1166060714_1233060714_1242060714_1237 (1)060714_1238




Raphael Vineyard Wedding

Laura & Adam002_9248There were so many amazing moments that filled Laura & Adam’s day, it’s hard to say where to start!  So here above, one of my favs, when the light filtered in just right, crowning them as husband and wife.  Laura is Founder of Blossom Meadow Artisanal Products and is a rock star beekeeper and amazing spokeswoman for pollinators of all kinds.  Adam is the man behind Coffee Pot Cellars, so it could not have been more perfect that their wedding day was off the heals of bud break here on the North Fork.  Their pug, Beasley, played an integral role in the day as dog ring bearer/bee-like monarch butterfly.  Handcrafted felt bugs were a lovely touch to her classic satin gown.  And get ready for this…an actual bee decided to join in for the family portraits!!  Laura says, “awww” as it crawls up her arm, and then assumes it’s place in the flower bouquet for photos.  How’s that for un-bee-lievable!  It’s destiny!  001_1827002_8934002_8932002_9126 (1)002_9120002_9588002_9014002_9028002_9048002_9079003_9169001_1807001_2008001_2002001_2068001_2072002_9236002_9445002_9476002_9261002_9431002_9436002_9413001_2305001_2319001_2321001_2334001_2327002_9594001_2312001_2325002_9458002_9495002_9285002_9299002_9322002_9339002_9347002_9352 (1)002_9358






Long Island City Waterfront Wedding

Tracy & Chris051014_0333 (1)Cool blues & greys of clouds, water, and city skyline combined with the warm glow from chandeliers playing on smiling faces, antique wallpaper, and brass decorated uniforms.  They happily tell me that it’s almost tradition in their family that it rain on wedding days. After the down pour, the skies clear in time to take a moment for some pictures on the dock right after the ceremony.  And definitely one of my all time favorite wedding moments was when this Navy crew went all “Top Gun” on Tracy and very enthusiastically serenaded her…amazing!       have a look…   051014_0022051014_0054051014_0001051014_0143051014_0069051014_0043051014_0129051014_0182051014_0135051014_0138051014_0205051014_0047051014_0230051014_0330051014_0280051014_0308051014_0346051014_0438051014_0429051014_0424051014_0446051014_0433051014_0459051014_0444051014_0360051014_0588051014_0828051014_0667051014_0690051014_0857051014_0771051014_0965051014_0907051014_0915051014_0912051014_0993051014_1051





Westhampton Beach Country Club Wedding

Betsy & Matt                                                                                                          May 3, 2014050314_1728Ahhh…that light!  For a moment the sun kissed the rolling green hills of the golf course while Betsy and Matt savored its warmth and one another.  And what a fantastic party this was!  The celebration was held at the very beautiful Westhampton County Club, which followed a lovely ceremony at The Church of Immaculate Conception.  May 3rd was also Kentucky Derby Day, so the big screens in the bar were tuned in to the big race.  A playful palette of navy, fuschia, and yellow/green was as lively as the crowd (gorgeous floral arrangements by Honeysuckle & Roses).  An extremely adorable pack of young children running about filled the air with joy and love, just the same as the spirit of missed loved ones.  The feast began with grace led by their priest, and friend, and then a night filled with dancing.  There was an outrageous performance of “Let It Go” by the bride’s 2 year old niece.  And the night ended (and after party began) with the Rolling In Dough Pizza Truck.  It was fun working alongside super talented videographers, Brighter Lights Media, and an absolute pleasure photographing Betsy and Matt!










Borrowed & Blue Wedding Feature

I am proud to announce that Amy & Marcel’s wedding from this past summer has been featured on Borrowed & Blue Wedding Blog!  Check it out here and show some Love.  Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 10.35.02 AM


As for this upcoming season, it’s an exciting one with lots of new locations and amazing couples so come back and visit soon!

Newborn Session

Robert                                                                                                                      3 days old001_0870What a squish!  Baby Robert arrived a week after his due date, weighing 8 lbs 8 oz.  I was welcomed into their home as they very naturally settled into parenthood and I had the absolute honor of capturing their ever-evolving love story through my lens.

001_0873002_6502002_6507002_6511002_6516002_6549002_6563002_6559002_6524002_6522002_6525002_6537 - Version 2002_6540002_6579002_6530002_6535

Newborn Session

Lucy                                                                                                                       12 days old001_0568I’m not sure that there is anything cuter than brand new babies wearing gigantic headpieces, and froggy legs and little nugget toes…SO CUTE!    Here are a few of my favorites from Baby Lucy’s newborn session.001_0490001_0486001_0513002_6380001_0524001_0531 (1)001_0572002_6427001_0554001_0544001_0549002_6383003_6688001_0563